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We showcase people who've built successful businesses and rewarding careers based on their love for the game of golf. 

If you've ever thought about launching a golf product or service...finding a golf-related job...or you're curious about the business of golf...this is the place to learn the ins and outs of the industry. Enjoy listening!


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Kate Tempesta

At the helm of her New York City-based  Urban Golf Academy, Kate Tempesta delivers the joy of golf to more than 1,000 kids each year. More importantly, Kate uses golf as an educational platform to empower her students as individuals.

Consistently recognized by Golf Digest magazine as one of the best women teachers in the game, she's bringing her unique curriculum to a wider audience through her story-based "Birdie Basics" membership program. You'll want to hear what Kate has to say about making golf fun for everyone.

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Whether it involves playing, teaching, selling, writing, filming, inventing, organizing, servicing or promoting…there’s no limit to the stories to be told, or the lessons to be learned from the business of golf.

Golf Yeah will showcase the people who make the game and culture of golf great, as an inspiration and blueprint for others.

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